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inner riches

Receive Intuitive Guidance and Channeling to tap into a wealth of answers, deep understanding, and joy. Use this insight to address your current issues, attain your goals and expand your life.


I offer answers to your questions and assist you in recognizing and accessing your own inner riches and creative power. I honor your genius and address you as the powerful spiritual being that you are.


Educational. Empowering. Profound. Fun

Inner Riches are private sessions focused on you. I try to accommodate your preferred method of communication, whether in person, by phone, Skype, GoTo Meeting or other. Conference calls may be recorded by request. MP3 archive of call may be emailed to you and CDs of recordings can be ordered.

Desire Drawings are custom drawings or storyboards hand made by me for you - to use as tools for focusing on and expanding an ideal scenario, desire or goal. They are powerful and fun. Sent to you in digital format.

About Glynda:  I bring you a wealth of experience, including over 20 years of channeling / consultation and over 20 years as a professional artist.

I respect your privacy. You may be assured our sessions are held in strict confidence and any recordings are handled with care.

Please note:  Inner Riches is spiritual in nature, and is not intended to take the place of medical, legal, or other professional advice.

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